(Naole Media) – WhatsApp will soon be offering an exciting new feature on its instant messaging platform: screen sharing during video calls. This follows the recent extension of the maximum number of participants to 32 for video calls on the computer version of the application.

According to information reported by specialist site Android Police, screen sharing will soon be available on the mobile version of WhatsApp. Screenshots revealed on the site show that a new button will be added to the video call control bar, inviting you to share your screen. Anything that appears on your screen while sharing will be visible and recorded by the recipient of the call.

It’s important to stress that you’ll have total control over this feature, as it will only be activated with your consent, and you can deactivate it at any time during the call. This new option will be particularly useful for professionals, who will be able to share documents and other content to facilitate exchanges. It could also be used in a family context, for example to help a recipient who is having problems with their phone or a specific application.

It should be noted that other platforms such as Google Meet, Telegram and FaceTime already offer the option of sharing your screen during video calls. However, the arrival of this feature on WhatsApp, a very popular messaging application, is likely to increase its usefulness and practicality for numerous users.

In conclusion, screen sharing on video calls will soon become a reality on WhatsApp, opening up new possibilities for interaction and collaboration on both a professional and personal level. This is a welcome development for a platform that is constantly seeking to improve its user experience and meet the needs of its community.