Here we give you 5 amazing reasons to include e-mailing and newsletters in your strategy.

E-mailing and Newsletter: definitions

E-mailing or e-mail marketing or mailshots is a marketing strategy. It is used to prospect and sell. 

The newsletter, whether in paper or digital format, is a means of communication with an informative purpose. It is used to build customer or audience loyalty. Its frequency can be daily, weekly, monthly or punctual.

5 amazing reasons to include e-mailing and newsletters in your strategy :

We give you 5 reasons to insert these effective levers:

1- Make you known:
  • E-mail marketing: to introduce your organization, your products, your services and your promotional offers.
  • Newsletter: to create a storytelling around your organization: Who are you? what are your goals? what are your latest news? Who’s on your team?

Integrate your stakeholders into your organization’s history and evolution. In time, they will be channels for transmitting your messages to other targets. Thus, you will develop your audience and consequently your notoriety. Establish a relationship of trust with them.

2- Relaunch the inactive target:
  • E-mail marketing: to remind your inactive target of your existence and your ability to meet their expectations. This can be done through new offers, promotions, sales flashes.
  • Newsletter: to get back in touch with them through an important event in your news. 

You can include a call-to-action button to encourage them to find out more, get interested again.

3- Seduce new targets:

The newsletter is ideal for expanding your prospects file, your address book.  To do this, submit a subscription to the newsletter on your website. Your new subscribers may be potential customers during your e-mail campaigns. 

To boost subscriptions to your newsletter, offer promotional offers, an e-book, a guide to receive free at the end of registration. At Naole RP, every new member of the #Naolenews newsletter gets a nice email. Are you curious about its shape and content? Fill out this form: Naolenews we’ll take care of the rest.

4- Inform the faithful target :

To create a relationship with your audience and build loyalty.  Inform them of your news, events, trade shows, sales, etc.

5- Quantifiable, simple and inexpensive solutions :

Inexpensive or even freemium (free); these solutions allow you to pre-qualify your subscribers. As you go through your newsletters and e-mailings, you will analyze their effectiveness: opening rates, click rates, unsubscription rates, conversion rates. 

All this data will be useful for future campaigns and you will know which messages are effective and which offers are likely to attract the attention of your stakeholders. In addition, you will be able to categorize your subscribers.

E-mail and newsletter software:

There are more than a hundred of them on the market. Here, we offer freemiums (free) software that we have tested:

1- Mailchimp: Its interface is in English. Its free version is rather complete and its paid version is the highest on the market. Its functionalities: email campaigns, newsletters, automation, statistics, A/B testing. Mailchimp is the software we use at Naole RP because it is the most complete and the most adapted to our expectations.

2- Mailjet: Its interface is in French. It does not offer A/B testing in free version. Templates are not displayed correctly to Gmail subscribers but the software offers a 20% discount for non-profit organizations. We tested it but its non-responsive side with Gmail did not suit us. 

3- Sendinblue: Its interface is in French. Its free version has rich and inspiring templates. It offers SMS marketing in paid version. We also tested it but the statistics and A/B testing are incomplete in the free version.

Our list is not exhaustive. You can also send the newsletter and e-mailing in messaging applications such as Whatshapp, Télégram, Messenger through mailing lists. 

Do not hesitate to tell us in comments which software you use.

The golden rules:
  • Target contacts you know or who agree to receive your information;
  • Do not spam for that, define your messages and the sending frequencies;
  • Work on your content, propose relevant and quality content. 

E-mail and newsletter will complement your current tools and channels. Their mastery will allow you to deploy the potential of your organization. Adapt them to each of your targets. 

So when reading this article, do you use e-mailing and/or the newsletter? It’s time for you to “Create, Etablish and Maintain Relations” with the right expert.

                                                                                      Par Elodie MBIDA