Esther Cobbah, the Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Communication Africa Limited (Stratcomm Africa), has emphasized the need for public relations officers (PROs) in state institutions to maintain consistency in their messaging. She stressed that this consistency is vital for effective information dissemination and to uphold the trust and confidence of the public they serve. Ms. Cobbah made these remarks during a training program organized by Stratcomm Africa for 101 officers from the Public Relations Division of the Information Services Department (ISD) in Ghana. These officers work across various ministries, departments, and agencies in the country.

The training program, co-facilitated by Ms. Cobbah and Stratcomm Africa’s Marketing Communication Manager, Sharon Anim, aimed to equip PR professionals with the principles and tools necessary for effective communication in public policy formulation and delivery. It was delivered in three cohorts, offering comprehensive and interactive learning experiences.

Ms. Cobbah urged the participants to dispel the misconception that PR officers lack technical expertise. She highlighted their unique ability to break down complex technical information for the public’s understanding, making them a crucial link between the government, institutions, and the citizenry.

« The need for information flow between governments and the citizenry is vital for achieving development and improved livelihoods in a country like ours, with challenges in sanitation, water supply, health, education, and job creation for young people, » Ms. Cobbah emphasized. « Policymaking for addressing these issues requires constant and honest communication between the government and the citizens. Thus, it is important that we show professionalism in our roles all the time. »

Ethel Cudjoe Amissah, the Head of the Public Relations Coordinating Division of the ISD, reaffirmed the division’s commitment to ensuring that the country’s public sector communicators remain well-equipped for their work. She commended Stratcomm Africa for its expertise and excellence in the communication industry and the valuable partnership in conducting this training program.

Charlotte Morgan Asiedu, the Chief Director of the Ministry of Information, also lauded the dedication of the participants to the learning program. She emphasized that the commitment of the participants reflects their determination to ensure that national development goals are achieved through the public’s clear understanding of government policies.

In conclusion, the training program led by Stratcomm Africa and the insights shared by Esther Cobbah underline the critical role of public relations officers in state institutions. Their ability to maintain consistency in their messaging is essential for effective governance and public trust. As Ghana continues its journey towards development and improved livelihoods, these professionals will play a vital role in bridging the gap between the government and its citizens, ensuring that essential information is communicated transparently and accurately.