(Naole Média) – The Public Relations Association of Uganda (PRAU) convened its highly anticipated 2nd Annual National Public Relations Symposium on August 4, 2023, in Mbarara. This symposium served as a dynamic gathering point for industry experts, practitioners, CEOs, journalists, academics, marketers, and communication students, all coming together to explore the central theme: « the Role of Public Relations in driving an organization’s performance. »

A notable highlight of this year’s symposium was the presence of Her Excellency Kate Airey, the British High Commissioner, who delivered a compelling keynote address. The event also featured several other esteemed speakers of local and international recognition, creating an atmosphere of intellectual exchange and learning. The significance of this year’s symposium went beyond mere discourse; it aimed to be a milestone in shaping industry best practices and influencing the PR profession as a whole.

Paul Mwirigi, Vice President of The Public Relations Association of Uganda (PRAU), emphasized the importance of such gatherings, stating, « By providing opportunities for professionals to come together and engage in industry-wide discussions, we are creating an environment that encourages collaboration, growth, and innovation. These discussions allow us to collectively address challenges, explore new perspectives, and shape the future of our profession. »

Indeed, the symposium served as an invaluable platform for industry-wide discussions, with a particular focus on addressing pressing issues in the field. Among the topics discussed were challenges arising from the evolving landscape of PR, including dis/misinformation, social media complexities, unprofessional practices, and the lack of statutory recognition within the PR field. By tackling these issues collectively, PR practitioners in Uganda can better navigate challenges and drive the development of the profession.

The symposium provided attendees with a day filled with education, enrichment, and interactive activities. Beyond the informative sessions, the event created a unique opportunity to network with high-profile career professionals from reputable organizations. These interactions fostered meaningful connections and collaborations that have the potential to shape the future of public relations in Uganda.

One of the symposium’s notable achievements was its timely choice of theme. In an era where the PR landscape is constantly evolving, understanding the role of public relations in driving an organization’s performance is more critical than ever. With the support of sponsors, PRAU succeeded in inviting a diverse array of professionals to partake in this knowledge-rich and engaging learning experience.

As the symposium drew to a close, it left attendees inspired and armed with fresh insights to navigate the complexities of the PR industry. PRAU’s 2nd Annual National Public Relations Symposium was not just an event but a pivotal moment in the ongoing evolution of public relations in Uganda. It showcased the collective dedication of professionals in the field to steer the industry toward greater recognition, excellence, and effectiveness.

In summary, the symposium was a resounding success, reinforcing the importance of such events in fostering collaboration, addressing challenges, and shaping the future of public relations in Uganda. As the industry continues to evolve, the knowledge and connections gained at this symposium will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in guiding PR practitioners toward a brighter and more impactful future.