(Naole Media) – Although thousands of people around the globe are taking up the role of influencer, the lack of a legal framework makes it difficult to regulate them. However, France has taken the lead and become a pioneer in the field by adopting a law on 31 May that defines and regulates this activity.

Unanimously, the French Senate has passed this historic law on influencers. The members of the French Parliament had previously agreed on the content of the text on May 25th, before submitting it to the final vote on May 31st. As a result, France stands out as the first country to establish a clear definition of the profession of influencer in its legislation.

This long-awaited law will make it possible to combat a number of abusive practices, including misleading advertising in certain areas. Influencer marketing will now be banned in areas such as enhanced cosmetic surgery, cosmetic medicine, products containing nicotine, sports betting and gambling for minors. In addition, the law stipulates that any influencer activity must be governed by a written contract.

This step forward in French legislation will serve as a benchmark for many countries wishing to regulate the work of their influencers. In Kenya, for example, the authorities are considering taxing this sector, but are still struggling to establish a clear definition of this activity.

By enacting this law, the French are sending out a strong signal to the rest of the world, showing that it is possible to regulate the profession of influencer effectively. Other countries could follow this example by drafting similar legislation to put an end to abuses and promote a more responsible practice of online influence.